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Zoroastrian Single Spacer

Zoroastrian Single Spacer

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The Zoroastrian Single Spacer is named after the Zoroastrian religion that used black and white pieces on a chessboard to create configurations. These configurations were based upon what they saw represented in nature, producing symbols, to bring balance between the dark and the light. It is about the play between forgetting and Remembering within the souls of mankind; where in the awakening to Remembrance, the heart breaks open to Love and negativity has no power. There is no law for negativity. Love is the Only law. So negativity cannot persist. Ultimately negativity will be washed away.

Engaging the Zoroastrian Single Spacer moves to bring clarity, penetrating areas that have remained buried or hidden from the Light, thus allowing the capacity to stand prior to all that is less than Love; releasing doubt and separation. The Divine Heart Awakening is alive, is felt, is eternal.

The specific energetic design for this Zoroastrian Single Spacer brings attention to the play between the black and white pieces. The black representing the penetration of limitation that is lived in our born condition. The white representing that which we intuitively aspire to be as our true condition. It is in the dissolution of the dark that allows the recognition of the Light. 

“The specific design for this Zoroastrian Single Spacer is the penetration of all limitation and the portal to Divine realisation. The black of limitation and the white of Divine light, which is the portal. The penetration of one and the passage to the other.”

*The Zoroastrian Single Spacer comes with a set of nine starter discs, 5 additional discs and a black leather pouch.

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