Energy Alchymie Happiness is dedicated to supporting all with a true intuitive pulse towards awakening and higher spiritual adaptation. These unique Alchymie Artefacts are a true blessing for all those who choose to engage them freely. It is our sincerest heartfelt desire that as many beings as possible have the opportunity to experience this wonderful Alchymeic Blessing. 

Alchymie is commonly known as the “transformation of base metal into gold.” As an early form of chemistry, this is most likely totally fallacious. The process of turning lead into gold has to be metaphorical or allegorical. Turning us into enlightened beings itself takes a huge amount of energy and is remarkably difficult — practically impossible for most people. Spiritual transformation has all the elements of Alchymie – it requires a huge amount of heat applied steadily over years to make a difference to the usual consciousness, which is dense, karmic and lead-like. Gold is simply the symbol of enlightenment.

Therefore, Alchymie is a way of stimulating and inspiring spiritual transformation. It is part of the Hermetic tradition, although it is utterly different from the commonplace understanding — it is not even historical, it is a new expression of it, a renewed vision, through Divine inspiration and the Hermetic spirit.

*Energy Alchymie Happiness is a subsidiary of Hermes Far Eastern Shining Pty. Ltd.