How To Use The Wands

The Wands are designed to be carried around with you throughout the day. They are designed to be strong, which allows greater flexibility in how you use them; holding them in your hand, pocket, handbag or briefcase. You can engage them at work or at home, during exercise, recreational activities, meditation and so on. Unlike the Discs, the Wands have a radius or ‘field of energy’ that when engaged and participated with can purify, transform and hold not only a Radiance in our own field, but in that of our environment.

To Receive the Energy of the Wands:

  • Sit and hold your Wands. One at a time or one in each hand. Take some deep breaths, relax and receive.
  • You can imbue a glass (cup or bottle) of water with the Alchymeic Intention of your Wand by tapping the Wand on the side of the glass. Hold the Wand and sip the water to receive its energy.
  • Place the Wands on or over your chakras.
  • Move the Wands around your auric field, to clear the energy of the day. You may also do this for a friend, perhaps placing the wand over areas where you intuit it is needed.
  • Place the Wands under your pillow and/or hold it at night to enjoy it while you rest.
  • Wave and circle the Wands through the air and tap them onto objects as an interactive, purifying and refreshing puja (an eastern term, the essence of which is removing the build up of negative accumulations in the psyche and world.) For instance, sweeping the Wands over beds, chairs, clothes, inside the car, office and home…
  • Feel the Radiance extend out through your surrounding environment.
  • Engage and hold Wands during the day. This may be particularly useful and refreshing in crowded places, at work or school. Experiment with using different combinations of Wands.
  • Strap Wands to your shower-head to imbue the shower water and cleanse your auric field.
  • Float Wands in a bath to immerse yourself in their energies.
  • Strap Wands to a garden hose, or tap a watering can so that your garden and plants may receive the Alchymeic Blessing.

The Wands may be shared with other people. Often it is easier to ‘receive’ an Energy when someone else is working on you. Therefore, an excellent way to experience the Wands is to give or receive a Wand treatment.

Giving a Wand Treatment:

Begin the Wand treatment with a drink of the Energy. Position the person receiving the Wand treatment either sitting forward on the front of a chair, or lying on a massage table. Try starting at the head; move slowly and in feeling, rotating the Wands on the chakras or holding it to a particular point. Take your time and remind the person to breathe.

The Third Eye, base of the neck, shoulders and down the spine are very potent points to hold or move the Wand along. Stay in feeling and move intuitively. Try holding the Wand directly on the body, then lift it off and move it through the person’s auric field. Each way can feel quite different. To finish, tap the Wand on the person’s glass of water as well as your own and receive a drink of the Energy. Take the time to sit, feel and assimilate.