Collection: Stargate Box

The Stargate Box is a powerful Esoteric Energy tool that allows you to combine the Alchymeic Wand Energies for personal transformation, group energy work, and intentionalised prayer. It can be used to ‘send or transmit’ the Alchymeic Energies anywhere you choose, which may include other people, places, animals and situations. The Alchymeic Wand Energies reach their full intensity when they are placed on the Stargate Box. 

The Stargate holds the esoteric intention to help penetrate the energetic density that the Earth Plane represents at this time. The current of the Alchymie is a descending force of Divine Light into where souls have been locked into unconscious life, and the penetration of this mortal vision. As beings begin to evolve and emerge ‘out of the black’ of unconsciousness and start waking up to remember the ‘Path of Infinite Return’, the energy begins to shift towards the process of Ascension. The Stargates are that very process of Descent, and Ascension, helping support this great transformation and awakening at this time. 

The Stargate Box can be purchased on its own and used with Wand Energies. The Stargate Box offers infinite possibilities for esoteric energy work.