No Inferential Statistics Apply

In considering the Transformative possibilities of the Products offered here, the outcomes following their use always remain to be seen. 

These Alchymeic Energies in no way foster a recalcitrant attitude. We must have the desire to yield up our ‘imbalancing act’ and this ultimately depends on us as individuals taking real responsibility for our existence in this world. 

We initiate the touch of the hand of God with the Divine instruments of Energy Alchymie Happiness. How anyone may respond to that touch is an unfathomable mystery and a matter of God’s business. If one hundred individuals engage the Alchymeic Products and subsequently all one hundred are touched and transformed, we cannot say anything on this basis about the one hundred and first person, since it is always a matter of outcomes being in the hands of the Divine. 

This is to say there is truly no logical foundation for inferential statistics; which is to say, it is a mere act of faith that the future can be predicted on an apparent consistency established from some past experimentation. While ordinarily we might test for the effect of some gross substance upon the biochemistry of an individual, it is better to see that in relation to Energy Alchymie Happiness the experimental factor is not properly the Product, but the variance of receptivity across these individuals.


Products and Services - Terms of Purchase and Participation

We believe that it is important for people to understand what it is that we offer before engaging our Products and services.

The products and services of Energy Alchymie Happiness are intended to be used as a support to your spiritual practice. This can be an intense and revealing experience and is only for those who desire personal transformation and growth.

We make no medical or psychological treatment claims whatsoever. If you suffer or believe you suffer from a medical or psychological condition; see your doctor.

What we offer has no scientific backing, evidence or support. It is a wholly ‘esoteric’ matter, completely outside of conventional scientific understanding. There are no scientific verifications for our work. Energy Alchymie Happiness does not claim and will not claim that conventional worldviews provide any support for our work.

Our services do not provide financial, accounting, legal or investment advice, nor is there any promise or assurance through the use of our products of being able to make money or receive anything without working for it and earning it. Further more it is not a pyramid or network marketing scheme. If you are looking for this and promises of great easy wealth, we would respectfully invite you to look elsewhere.

When you choose to work with our products, any results that you may experience cannot be anticipated and they may not be readily observable. Any results are up to the Divine and how well you understand and apply what is presented.

Some people do report many things to us – some of them truly inspiring things – but we want you to be clear that this is a matter between you and the Divine and that we are not interested in persuading anyone or suggesting that this will be your experience.

Many things may arise for you as you use the products. At all times you should be responsible for yourself and your actions.

By choosing to purchase our products you have indicated that you have the financial resources to pay for them and believe that they may be of interest and assistance to you.

Energy Alchymie Happiness reserves the right to refuse the offering of products or services to any person whom it determines unsuitable.

All products and materials are copyright of Energy Alchymie Happiness unless otherwise indicated and acknowledged. You must not use any such materials without permission from Energy Alchymie Happiness.

You must not make any claims concerning the products and services or purport to represent Energy Alchymie Happiness or the views of Energy Alchymie Happiness.

These products and any statements made about these products by the developers, makers, or distributors of these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (or other government agency). None of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Energy Alchymie Happiness believes in and stands behind the products we offer. We believe that they are a true blessing. We sincerely hope that you will consider your participation in the true spirit of what we offer: A pure and simple invitation to discover happiness and freedom in the esoteric truth of all.