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Energy Alchymie Happiness

Venus Collection

Venus Collection

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This is a unique moment in human history for all women. A time when Women are being given the opportunity to be resurrected to the ‘fullness’ and ‘beauty’ that is the true essence of the female ‘awakened’ to Consciousness. Here the female disposition is ultimately transcended to include both male and female aspects - that is ‘the body alive as Consciousness’- the inclusion of the two points of view that have been forever apart and at war.
The energies held within this Female Collection hold the unique Alchymeic Intention to assist the transformation of the female beyond the karmic destinies of degradation and suffering. May it be so!
Men can also drink these energies. In this situation men are given the opportunity to have a greater understanding for women and their own relationship to the feminine aspect of life.  


- Venus

Red Lucy
- Pink Beloved
- Snow Virgin
- Sweet Surrender
- Statue of Liberty
- Coming of Eve
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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.