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Six Essential Wands for Core Structure Transformation

Six Essential Wands for Core Structure Transformation

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A collection of powerful Alchymie Energies given to help unlock the archaeological site of the born condition. These Energies are crucial in beginning to ignite and allow the Light to enter the knot of separative-self, the ‘egoic structure’, where we are stuck karmically – the blueprint of the born condition. At first when these Energies were created some twenty years ago, their vibratory current was so new to the earth plane that they were only ever given in one-on-one sessions due to their intensity and ability to penetrate deeply. They were also used to support a transitional shift for humanity. This was a high intensity of transfiguring current that had not previously been present in this realm. Now, many years on as the density of this place has been addressed and shifted somewhat, these Alchymeic Energies are now available for personal use. Highly recommended set of Wands to have in your arsenal of energy tools. (*Only available is a set of six).

Wand Energies For The Great Transition Taking Place.

During the period of the last 20 years, a speeding up has occurred. We are at End Time, a time that is the dissolution of the Kali Yuga (the age of darkness). As the Age of Light enters, there is a spiritual crisis on mass being witnessed throughout humanity. This speeding up brings with it a colliding of current that requires human souls to endure a conversion process. Ultimately all identification, differentiation and desire of the egoic individual must be broken open. This transformative process allows the Heart of Love to incarnate through our forms. Lessons are being given across the earth. Beings are being forced to face their own limitations and find a greater way. Everything has sped up.

The Crux and the Key of unlocking the egoic archaeological site that each human form represents literally requires the support of the Alchymie. The Jackdaws, the Doorways, the Crux & Key are all Hermetic Currents that are spiritually transformative tools to provide the support we need for such a transition. 

Wand Descriptions:

Jackdaw Of Dreams:
Dealing with the 'past life karma'. In the more sensitive, a virtual reality travelling across the landscape of past lives, giving a bird's eye view. This may bring clarity into your present life situation and release trauma carried through from a past life experience.

Jackdaw of Hours:
Dealing with the present life karma. Again in the more sensitive, a travelling in virtual reality through the hours of the present life, revealing the hidden disturbances but always presented within easy creative control. Release of present life trauma.

The Crux:
This Energy refers to the point at which there is an unleashing of the full potential of any aspect of the product. It encompasses all missing components untouched until now. In other words, the time and adaptation of this place to receive this amount of force is now sufficient to allow it. The vision was of two Fractalisers or pyramids appearing, their apexes crossing to allow a diamond shape, the tip of the lower pyramid resting at the heart, the tip of the inverted pyramid resting at the navel, the diamond of the crossed apexes abiding over the solar plexus.

The Key:
Again, one larger pyramid appears upright, the apex of which enters through the brain stem and rests in the brain core, the function of which appears around and beyond the apex emanating from the piercing of the brain. Together, the Crux and The Key hold the key for unlocking the enlightened form as whole body enlightenment. These Energies hold the intention of the possibility of allowing the literal whole body incarnation of enlightened form. They appear as the evolutionary possibility of humankind – the next stage of human evolution. A possibility held within every human soul but not allowed due to the identification with the usual destiny.

Doorway To Hell:
The Doorway to Hell is the encroaching of the hellish realms, where the Heart is forgotten. It is where everything that is the manifestation of the darkside of mankind is relevant. It is the end point and all that is less than love. The Doorway to Hell is open when we are driven by self-focused desiring. Hell is utterly intrusive and very uncomfortable. In such a situation it is subtly felt as everything pressing up against us. Not knowing where we end and something else begins. It is a massive entanglement. No peace, no space, no heart, no love. The red worlds exist as dimensions in our failure to love. No one would choose such a destiny; very few of us deserve such a destiny. Whilst there are no doubt endless doorways, it is right and proper to shut every such entrance to hell we find – hence that is what we do. Shut it down.

It is choosing to close all such doorways within our selves and thus as a mass of humanity in so doing the same; where love is greater than self. Love overwhelms fear, sorrow, hatred and anger.

Doorway To Heaven:
This Energy is an opening, an invitation, an adaptation of devotion, and awakening beyond all identification with all lower levels of cosmic existence. The 'ego' cannot enter Real Heaven - which is to say that there is no-one, no separate being who can enter the Divine Domain. Only through real awakening to Prior Consciousness and transcendence of all levels of karmic bondage to realms such as this earthly domain, can one 'merge' with the infinite.

"There is nobody in "Real Heaven” – which is the egoless Divine “Bright” Spherical Self-Domain of all-and-All. In Real “Heaven”, There Is Only Indivisibility – and no “one” apart. In Real “Heaven”, There Is Only the Divine Self- “Brightness” – without “difference”.” (From pg. 98 “The Boundless Self-Confession” by Avatar Adi Da Samraj.)

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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.