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Shamanism Wizard Wand

Shamanism Wizard Wand

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The Shaman springs out of the old earth cultures, which are properly positioned as the childhood of man. Shamanism is a cosmology of the earth plane that includes a spirit world and could perhaps be said to be an art of controlling this spirit world, so as to invite the aid of so called ‘good spirits’ or enslave the aid of so called ‘bad spirits’ or simply to exorcise ‘bad spirits’ seen to be responsible for some disturbance of the self. All manner of substances and sounds may be employed to enhance the psychic capabilities of the practitioner and to cleanse the environment and the body of the client. All these substances were seen to be ways to negotiate with various spirits associated with that substance e.g. peyote and often these spirits were dangerous to employ both for the practitioner and the client. The Shamanism Wizard Wand lifts this ancient tool of the childhood of man to its highest level and beyond as a Healing tool to appease the predilection of many individuals to regress back to the Old Earth Cultures. Nevertheless The Shamanism Wizard is a very useful Healing tool.
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