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Power of Prayer Wand

Power of Prayer Wand

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The Essenes practiced prayer as shape shifting. They were taught by the Melchizedek order (in the subtle realms)  that prayer was the most powerful force for change. In large groups, this became a powerful tool, harnessing the true power of Prayer distance was insignificant - healing over distance was possible, shape-shifting natural disasters and wars and so on.

The Power of Prayer requires a focus of Attention, and coming alive as Energy. Learning to be shape-shifters, allowing true Divine Communion (or feeling the Divine Presence - in the Essenes this is the Shekinah). There is a knowing of wholeness, of joy, of love, and a surrender. The key is falling into the communing with the Divine, merging and becoming one with God - the Divine presence on Earth.

Forgiveness is key - the Leap of Faith. Without forgiveness we are locked in the past. Forgiveness casts aside division and affirms Oneness. Be Spirit-filled - cast aside the mind and become washed with Spirit, and the whole universe opens.

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