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Mission Of Gravity Disc

Mission Of Gravity Disc

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A Mission of Gravity’ is a book by Hal Clement and is about attempting to land on the surface of Jupiter and of course return. As we know the gravity of Jupiter is very great, very crushing. Entering the Earth plane is a Mission Of Gravity, in that this plane has become very dark and very dense, 'landing' here crushes the Heart. The Heart sickness is very great. The mission here is a transformation of darkness into Light. The gravity here is the soul eclipsed in darkness. To be immersed in this density is to suffer greatly. To lift individuals to whole body Enlightenment is an arduous and tormenting task. The completion of this task can only be guaranteed with a conversion of the Heart beyond fear into the God Realm, that is Love, and so the mission is complete when all that is grave about this gravity is dissolved in the levity of Only God

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