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Energy Alchymie Happiness

Future Time is Now Wand

Future Time is Now Wand

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The Essenes knew that there would be a regathering of their people, and that energies would be brought back into balance, for a new cycle of life an the planet to begin. This would be coincident with a time of major geographical changes -  unusual weather patterns, intense seismic activity and fluctuations in Earth’s geomagnetic fields - all of which have already been arising. So the future time predicted is now. We are souls that were born to be part of the intensification of light, and to bring stability in the midst of chaos. The future time is now - in fact, the Oracle of the Dalai Lama proclaimed in the 1990s when he held the Alchymeic tools  “This is Healing from the Future”.

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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.