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Esoteric School of Higher Learning Wand

Esoteric School of Higher Learning Wand

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‘Imagine an entire world of human beings living and breathing on the basis of Love itself – without warring, without judgment, without boundary, without separation, yielded as Only Love. Together, creating an energetic field, which allows the consciousness of Love itself to spread like a wildfire across the earth plane. Imagine such a possibility... To create this as a prototype is the longing.’

This Esoteric School Of Higher Learning is emerging at a time when a radical change is required for the future of humankind. War, terrorism and the destruction of the earth are now commonplace. As the daily news reveals to us, our world is overburdened, suffering from all kinds of environmental disasters, wastelands, war and nuclear threat – our very future is clearly in question. The time is now for such human scale community to exist – the creation of true sanctuary and gathering in Unity to flower all over this earth plane.

It requires a profound commitment and awakening in order to create such a living possibility, this ‘blueprint’. Ultimately its purpose is the ignition of an evolutionary step that allows a truly humanising process to ignite for all beings.

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