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Energy Alchymie Happiness

Eiffel Tower Disc

Eiffel Tower Disc

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In considering the icons that have been built throughout the ages to symbolize male dominance over the world and each other, the Eiffel Tower could be seen to represent such a dominating structure, that stands as a symbol of arrogance and impenetrability. Whilst this structure in men remains untransformed, the male is unavailable to Consciousness, and is therefore unable to fulfil his True function as a Loving, serving presence. The Alchymeic Intention of this Energy is to reveal these impenetrable aspects and help to purify and transform such structures.

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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.