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Energy Alchymie Happiness

Divine Feminine Disc

Divine Feminine Disc

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The felt current was fearless and strong, as though riding with one-pointedness – the strength of a might army in ‘one’. A certainty of Divine current driving forward and upward. Could hear ‘hold on to no thing or no one, not even your apparently individual self‘. Alive as the power of perfect vulnerability. Full of power strength and force. Heart wide open in the power of love. So Hey! Hey! Clear the Way as this Heart current comes with a force!

Within The Alchymie Of Creation, a Divine Vision Appeared: Felt the current of ‘Prior Standing’ ON the earth plane, as though already abiding at infinity. Beauty and Grace flowing through – empowerment and strength given by the Divine. The feet were standing on the world yet standing in a cosmic ocean – left arm raised to a Divine Portal of God Light. Being plugged eternally into the Infinite source. Powerful… graceful… Prior Unity. 

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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.