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Archangel Wands

Archangel Wands

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The Archangel Energies arrive as an exhilarating result of a lifetime of Transformation and Spiritual Awakening founded on the principles of Alchymie. This unique marriage between Alchymie and the Angelic Realms creates a whole new possibility for all beings. A greater intensity of ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ now entering and shifting the very fabric of this place, aided by the profound embrace of the Angels to support and guide our transition and ultimate translation into the ‘God Light’.

Every Archangel Wand connects us to a specific Archangel presence, allowing these truly great and graceful Archangels to more fully incarnate on Earth.

Working with one of these wonderful Angel wands allows us greater access to all the qualities of each Archangel. 

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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.