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Energy Alchymie Happiness

After The White Rabbit Disc

After The White Rabbit Disc

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The dream state or subtle dimensions of existence are no solution to any felt dilemma at the level of life, growing taller or smaller or disappearing except for a foolish grin does not essentially alter any ‘troublesome’ condition. The habit of transforming emotional-mental states into physical states is an attempt to escape the demand to function ‘truly’ in some life situation as though this would solve the ‘irksome’. Such ‘hysterical’ moves not only disrupt the ‘gross vehicle’, but opens us for ‘alien’ and ‘other’ manipulation through the very dimensions we seek to retreat into, and in this way we become useable to be harmed ourselves and in turn we harm others. In wider terms our hysterical retreats into the creative centres of the body are an avoidance of incarnating ‘truly’ in this ‘yellow place’ thereby avoiding functioning ‘truly’ across the entire functional display of the gross vehicle. Where we are not responsible in some functional area, no ‘light’ can enter therein and in this way we make a reeking dark of our form where all the ‘evils’ of the world are spawned. At last we disappear from this ‘place’ as a scream in ‘outer space’ after having suffered a degrading demise or some ‘accidental’ rendering. 

The presence of the drink, After The White Rabbit unravels all possible ‘worm holes’, thus preventing ‘dimensional invasions’ or ‘dimensional retreats’, rendering them void and thereby ‘invites’ the individual to incarnate as the ‘whole body’, even where, as in most cases, this has not ever been allowed. This incarnating process in this ‘yellow place’ demands that we ‘deal’ with ‘matters’ arising here, which includes all levels of reaction, including reflexive reactions, by turning to love as the whole body, rather than the conventional response of dramatisation or suppression. This creative response beyond the conventional is the sign of the human possibility. When this can be ‘lived’ moment to moment across the entire arising functional display. Be therefore blessed in this discipline of Happiness until even this ‘yellow place’ passes out of sight.

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