Collection: Male Energies

With all the instability in the world, we need as much help as possible to find our footing, remain clear and move forward as human beings committed to transformation and growth. You would all agree that we are living in extraordinary times and the shift in Consciousness for both Men and Women must occur now if we are to find our way forward to true unity and a greater human possibility. We must move beyond the warring, the disintegration and agitation, in our own forms…… Heart, Love and stability can only return once each one of us passes through this shift in Consciousness within our own case.

“These Energies are particularly unrooting the deep unconscious patterns and limitations around issues of power, male dominance and aggravation that we are seeing spewing forth onto the
world stage at this time. Obviously necessary and useful for men, but also a profound restoration and liberation for the female form – lifting the crushing effects of the untransformed,
unconscious male psyche.