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The God Don't Want The Soul Disc

The God Don't Want The Soul Disc

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For many thousands of years the cosmology of most people has conceived life in terms of the struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. This struggle has been seen as being between God and the devil for the possession of our ‘immortal soul’ but the God don’t want the soul. Let me tell you people the God don’t want the soul. Truly, utterly, the God don’t want the soul. In Truth there can be no struggle between two imagined titans, one positive, the other negative, because, God is the only law. There is no law for negativity. There is no opposite of love, love is only. The opposites that are conceived of are affection and hate; a warmth and a coldness, both bodily references. God is not referenced by the body. God is not an experience, not gross nor subtle. God is only. So the God don’t want the soul

The soul is the body-mind-self, or all we ‘feel’ ourselves to be as a cosmic presentation. Truly then, the soul is the symbol of our sacrifice. The soul is that which we are required to yield up in order to awaken as the Infinite Divine. 

This energy, this drink, opens the way to vacate the soul and allow the fullness of Divine possession to be realised. The self is left wailing somewhere in time. The dark is felt to vacate the apparent ‘centre’ of our conceptions and is pushed to the ‘outside’. This may occur in a flash or be gradual and progressive, through the constant participation in the release of what is arising (as a consequence of this drink), no matter how dark this may be or how absurd or how wonderful. The admonition with this energy; is allow, release, give up, there is nothing you can do to ‘save’ yourself. The God don’t want the soul. Shake, Shake, Shake the boom. 

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