How To Choose

If this is your first time choosing an Alchymeic Energy, welcome! We’ve made you an easy-to-use ‘Alchymie Energy Guide’ with a few recommendations and tips to help you find that special Energy you’ve been looking for. We hope you enjoy the process.. this is the fun bit… :)

How To Choose An Alchymeic Energy That’s Right For You?

 There are a few ways to go about finding a special Alchymie Energy that suits you and your current needs. But before you get started surfing the hundreds of wonderful Alchymie Energies in our catalogue, here are a couple of 'tips' to keep in mind…

*You Already Know What You Need

Deep down your intuition is already telling you what you need. Even if you think you’ve arrived here by ‘accident’ and have no idea what this is all about, well, in ‘spiritual’ terms there’s a very different reason for that… You see, everything is ‘energy only’, there are no chance encounters, and everything is unfolding in your life as it should for your own growth, transformation and awakening. Therefore there is some part of you that has drawn you to this moment. So always trust your intuition. Simply take your time, read things in ‘feeling’ or as we say ‘feel into it’. The Wands will speak to your heart and you will immediately ‘resonate’ with the energies that are right for you in the present moment.

*Don’t Worry… You can’t get it wrong!

There is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ energy, The Alchymie Energies don’t have any ‘negative’ side effects and everyone will benefit from coming into contact with every Wand Energy at some stage. Therefore you can’t ultimately go wrong when choosing a Wand.  So don’t be worried about that. If you come across a Wand in our shop that you don’t understand, but have a really strong feeling or connection towards, then it’s probably an Energy that you need at this time.

*Consider Getting More Than One Energy

We always encourage people to get a couple of Alchymeic Wands to begin with. People have been collecting Wand Energies for years and many folks around the world have a vast collection of them. Some Wands you’ll find useful at certain times of your day or week, and others you may find never leave your side… Most of the Wands serve very different functions – from Psychic Clearing, to deep psychophysical restoration etc… So its a great idea to have a few Wand Energies accessible to you to select from day to day, depending on what you are going through or working on. 

Ok… Let’s Get Started!

When first approaching the Alchymie Wands there are a few ways that you can go about choosing something that’s right for you. Here are five different recommendations often employed by our representatives all over the world to  help guide people to their choice.

1. Take a moment to ‘tune into’ what you need.

As stated above, somewhere in your being you already know what you need… Your soul is calling out for the support and has guided you here. Every human being is alive as a ‘feeling energy being’. So sit for a minute and see if you can ‘feel into’ what you are looking for. Then see if you come up with a few key words that might match one of our 'collections' and 'categories'.

2. Use The ‘search’ tabs to narrow your search.

Each Energy belongs to a family of Esoteric Energies. This is one of the most wonderful parts of choosing – you get to look at the issues you are facing through many different facets, and discover a few Alchymie Energies that address the things you are working on. These families of Energies are a really useful guide in helping you get closer to the Energy you are feeling for. eg: Essenes, Transformation, Regeneration, Psychic Clearing, Angels, Male/Female, etc...

3. Five types of Wands you should have at least ‘one’ of!

If you are looking for an overall blend of help from the Wands specifically, then we suggest choosing a spread of Energies to be a general support in your life. We recommend you chose one Wand from each of these categories. (The transformative process requires us to work on many layers of ourselves at any one time). 

1. Psychic Protection
2. Breathing & Conductivity
3. Renewal/Regeneration/Recovery
4. Male/Female
5. Transformation/Growth/Spiritual Adaptation

If you like this idea and feel this option might be best for you, but need a recommendation on which wands from these categories, here are two very popular groupings or ‘options’:

Option 1:

- Don’t Fence Me In (Psychic Clearing)
- Kriya Yoga Wizard (Breath)
- Auric Wonder X10 (Renewal)
- Mars Collection / Venus Collection (Male/Female)
- Eyeless In Gaza (Higher Spiritual Adaptation)

Option 2:

- Quantum Vacuum (Psychic Clearing)
- Deep Blue (Breath)
- Lotus Pond (Renewal)
- Polarisation (Male/Female)
- The Heart Is All (Higher Spiritual Adaptation)

4. You Can’t Go Wrong With An Angel Energy

The Angel Wands are amongst the most popular of the Alchymeic Energies and for a good reason… The Angels WANT to help us! They are always there awaiting our humble invocation. Because of this, they are always a great choice for daily support. 

There are a vast array of Angel Energies available, from the ever popular Archangel Wands, Angel Realm Wands, to some wonderful Angel Energies to help us with specific issues. So again, the Angel Energies come highly recommended. You can’t go wrong with an Angel Wand! 

5. If You Really Want To Get Down To It…!

There are a few wands that are designed to help us get to the core of things very quickly. If you are after rapid transformation and growth, look no further than the set of '6 Essential Core Structure Energies' 

These specific Wands have been around for a long time. They are so significant within the Alchymie that they are only sold as a set of six. Everyone will benefit from these Energies. We do recommend over time that people find their way to these. But remember, they are going straight to the core…. So one must be at some level consciously aware of the vast growth and adaptation one is inviting into ones life when we chose these. But if you are ready, they can inspire some pretty profound insight, transformation and personal growth. They are highly used all over the world for this purpose. We would recommend getting these energies in conjunction with a consultation with one of our qualified practitioners to help you adapt to all that they unlock.