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Energy Alchymie Happiness

The Fuerie Wand

The Fuerie Wand

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The male mind for the most and greater part is a wrecking ball that crushes the Heart and all of our other functions through its arrogant stance of thinking that the thoughts arising to the mind have something to do with Reality. In this stance a vast conglomeration of thoughts have been frenetically assembled, just above the brow from where they spill out the mouth and into the ears. We have gathered reflections of this buzzing bee of minds as phantasmagorical collections of Will O’ The Whisp ideas and with this we have made a large earth size wrecking ball, in order to destroy the world at large by forcing this frenzy of thinking upon the natural order of things. The key to the male disposition is one of control and the need for control is effectively the projection of death into the pattern of relations, control is babysitting a rock. The male mind in this form is not at all conscious, merely self-conscious. This is an irresponsible disposition which is merely a habit pattern motivated by fear and imposed on the world, seeing only its own shadow falling upon all things. The responsible position is an intuitive aliveness that transcends fear and moves purely as a Loving, Healing Response to all that is arising. The Energy, The Fuerie ‘whops’ the male mind right between the eyes. So be it. 

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