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Poisons In The Garden Disc

Poisons In The Garden Disc

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When we sit viewing a tranquil country scene its apparent peacefulness may beguile us into imagining that there are no poisons in the garden. Yet there are plants that at the slightest touch will leave welts on the skin, there are scarcely seen insects, spiders, reptiles and other ‘creepy crawlies’ potentially capable of inflicting serious wounds and possible death upon the karmically disposed individual. This is the natural order of poisons in the garden; the unnatural and the non-natural are the creations of the mad mind of modern humanity. Poisons ooze and waft in most of our dwellings and city structures. The poisonous cocktail of chemicals intermingles in our environment with subtle negative communications of self, ‘other’, electronic radiation and so on, providing us with a veritable cesspool of destructive ambience. This Energy inspires us to create environments to be more peaceful places to dwell, beyond all of these terrible communications that we now experience.

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