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Katzenjammer Kaos Disc

Katzenjammer Kaos Disc

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In the latter part of the 19th century the Katzenjammer Kids was a comic strip about a family situation where the children want to mischievously threaten destruction of home and parents with explosives. When they were caught at these little pranks they were severely punished with wooden paddles and they howled mightily. 

Unfortunately these days, there is a widespread decay, even demise, of the family as a ‘serving’ social presence. Most families manage to present a ‘reasonable’ social face, yet often we do not have to look far for signs of the underlying pain. Often this is seen in behavioural disorders of the children within the social milieu of the school. This Energy Katzenjammer Kaos, opens the way to dissolve the unique karmic forces that brought the family gathering together in the first instance. It inspires the flow of energy so that all family members can begin to create a new and ‘Real relationship’ to each other beyond the fearful conventional rituals they tend to enact in unconsciousness. May it be so!

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