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Blue Series Discs

Blue Series Discs

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The Blue Series is amongst the most significant Alchymeic Energies given to help transform the energy of  ‘unconscious mind’ and its effect on the world. Considering the ‘esoteric’ point of view, everything is ‘energy’ – therefore even thought is energy, and every thought has an impact on the world. We must allow the transformation and awakening to higher mind in order to shift the consciousness on the planet at this time. 

*These Discs Are Only Available As A Set Of 5

The Blue Series Disc Descriptions

True Blue
“True Blue” is an expression meaning that which is totally reliable, totally trustworthy. The Energy True Blue refers to Healing the lower mental function, which in the world at large is far from True Blue. The lower mental realm is where the intellectual functioning of mankind occurs and this is scarcely noticeable above the eyebrows. This intellectual functioning is mostly the domain of the male mind in which females participate through their association with the essentially male educational system and the wider male ‘culture’. It is clear that this lower mental has as its highest achievement and a most unworthy one, seen in the production of the nuclear bomb. The exploded form of this nuclear bomb, namely the infamous mushroom cloud, has revealed itself to be the epitome of the doubt of love. Hence, this doubt of love is the structure of this lower mental realm of intellectual functioning and the mushroom cloud arises from just below the brow into the higher structures of the brain-mind, removing any possible adaptation to higher mental and intuitive functions, they are lost in this cloud of unknowing doubt of love. The Energy True Blue moves to lift this lower mental functioning into the Heart realm, where this lower function of mind serves that which is true to the Heart’s desire and ultimately awakens the brain-mind function into the higher mystical states, wherein the head is bowed in humility, as a bright feeling organ. Dinki di, fair dinkum.

Bluer Than True
The Bluer Than True energy relates to those functional areas beyond True Blue and therefore refers to the higher mental intuitive, mystical opening and of course, this is the beginning of the awakening of the functions of the frontal brain, which ultimately allows the enjoyment of the higher Divine states. The higher mental functioning refers to those cognitions that arise out of the intuitive recognition of the Truth of us and refers to all levels of ecstatic communication which may include the written poetic forms of this communication. This higher mental functioning awakens beyond the self-conscious dimension of the lower mental and therefore begins to function as that which penetrates all forms of illusion, revealing and dissolving those lower communications that intrinsically bind us to limitation, the central theme of which is the fear of death. The Energy, Bluer Than True therefore continues the development that True Blue initiates in the lower mental function and so we are looking at a reclamation of the higher functions above, which include all the fabled capacities; clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairsentience and so on, which themselves ultimately dissolve into omnipresence and omniscience. The omnipotence of this is simply the utter power of Love, which is the All Power of the Ultimate Divine. Only God. 

Way Beyond The Blue
Way Beyond The Blue is a collection of the transformed elements going from hydrogen to a supposed element 200, which would carry us beyond mere bodily functions into the realms above the head, characterised by mystical sounds and lights. These elements transcend the ordinary structure of the elements, which has its modern description in atomic physics into designed elements using hierostructure surface gate technology and choosing a hollow atom design as part of this and such a design lifts the elemental structures into that which serves Real Consciousness. Since this Earthly realm disappears into chaos around element 119, 120 we leave the Earth far behind at element 200 and we find ourselves in the realm of saints where mystical powers are the order of the day. Understand however that this mystical ascent is not itself the Truth, but merely an awakened functioning of Realised Consciousness in its’ true form and not a matter of fascination, as it can be, even for those who enjoy such a condition as their natural condition. The true form is beyond all experiential states, lost in the Bliss of Only God. 

The Yawning Gap
Modern Anthropological Sciences suggest that Cro-Magnon man was a sudden development from the immediately preceding and coexistent form of Neanderthal man. Of course there is no understanding how such a remarkable far reaching shift could have ever occurred within the explanatory parameters of the scientific paradigm. The reason for this is that modern science does not know how great and how far reaching this development was, since from its first inception there has been little or no adaptation to the functions that this frontal brain makes possible. The failure of this adaptation is due to the fact that all that was effectively added to the latter development was simply more self- consciousness and this gives rise to a major dramatisation of the fear of death. This fear of death drama contracts the brain-mind in the way described in the Energy True Blue. This Energy the Yawning Gap is therefore intimately associated with True Blue except the former is referenced in the actual evolutionary event of some 150,000 years ago. Therefore the Yawning Gap seeks to have this actual evolutionary event take place truly into a functioning that is beyond mere self- consciousness, into Real Consciousness wherein the self is sacrificed beyond the fear of death. With the advent of this sacrifice the human possibility is realised, which is the raison d’etre of the evolutionary push.

Harry Lime Theme
The name Harry Lime for this Energy is a play on the name Lyme for the insidious disease produced by bacteria on microscopic ticks. The symptoms are at least very disturbing to our metabolism. The Harry Lime Theme has been used principally to deal with energy congestion in the face, that gives rise to energy bocks that can be psychically seen as sinus difficulty. However, the disturbance encountered here is due to congestion of the subtle structure associated with the face as it is compressed toward the lower mental i.e. there is very little flow in most people and so the communication of this block often leads spontaneously to sneezing and running noses. The Energy, The Harry Lime Theme quickly clears this energetic stress and allows us to begin to breath freely to all parts of the head, opening the passageway to higher levels of development.

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How To Use The Energies

The Alchymeic Energies are a powerful support for so many of our daily energy needs. They address everything from psychic clearing, to renewal and restoration. There are some simple recommended daily practices to help you make the most of your Alchymeic Energy. Click here to learn more.