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Energy Alchymie Happiness

Angel of Beauty Wand

Angel of Beauty Wand

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The Angel of beauty was an awakening to feel beyond the usual 'connotation'. It was to include the beauty of existence, our environments and surroundings.

In the Vision: Within the Alchymie of creation, this Angel energy transitioned to the dissolution of all the solid projection that humanity has created through the very word of what 'beauty' and 'beauty expectations' amounts to. There was a felt lifting of the weight of solid mind that governs the heavy projection that exists here. This heavy accumulated weight dissolves in the dissolution of 'differentiation'. This felt oneness of Divine current 'spells' at a cellular level - a lightness of being is felt. A glow of Divine Radiance is undeniable! The Divine touch was given where one can only smile and bow down. God bless all who are embraced in the perfect beauty of Divine re-cognition.

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How To Use The Energies

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