Venus Collection Energies

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Red Lucy
The base chakra is associated with the colour red; some of the aspects this chakra addresses are sexual energy, survival and purifying the ‘lower aspects’ of
life. In general, the life lessons for women can be felt to be focused most intensely in the lower body.
The Disc Red Lucy holds the Alchymeic Intention of lifting women from the entrapment and karma that is locked within the lower chakras.

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty symbolises the rule of unconsciousness and is representative of the hard, angular female who is argumentative and dominating in her stand over against the male - a disposition that tends to promote angularity in men because they are confronted with an essentially impenetrable form. The Alchymeic Intention of this energy is to transform this disposition in the female so that the true form may take hold.

The Coming of Eve
The final passage in the resurrection of the female form to consciousness. The Coming of Eve appeared in a vision of the female emerging through a volcano. This disc is the invitation to face and walk through the pressure, anger, aggression and sexual domination that has ruled and overwhelmed the female position and thus the earth plane for lifetimes. This energy is a literal passage of awakening beyond doubt – the resurrection to consciousness, opening the crown
and passing through the ‘squeeze’ of identification with the mortal form.

Pink Beloved
In this world where Love is yet to truly take hold, our relationships to each other are not always founded on love. We project fear into each other, trying to make each other the God we don’t know. In the breakdown of the male-female relationships that frequently occur, it is the female that most often takes the brunt of this fallout. Pink Beloved is full of compassion for women in these times. It
holds the alchymeic intention to energetically lift them up and to allow the current of Love to be felt.
Snow Virgin
In the True form, the female is yielded to Consciousness or Divine light, in perfect
submission ‘as’ the whole body. Where this is not the case, and understandably so in these times, the female in her defence presents an unreceptive and impenetrable structure.
The energy of Snow Virgin is Alchymeically Intended to ‘break the spell’ lifting women beyond this situation by working to restore their power through perfect vulnerability and thus enabling a renewed response to them from men and the
When men use the Snow Virgin Disc their particular unconscious relationship to women may be revealed and the need to support women in their awakening to consciousness may become more apparent.
Sweet Surrender
Sweet Surrender holds the Alchymeic Intention to allow the yielding to the ‘mystery of existence’ whole-bodily and whole heartedly. In order to surrender ‘whole-bodily’ one needs to ‘trust’ in the Divine, to know that we are held and loved as part of this whole Unity. Sweet Surrender helps us to transcend the ego, the struggle, and allow the ‘mystery’ of our heart awakening to unfold in Grace.


The Alchymeic Intention of Venus is to assist the female to move beyond the angularity of male attention. It may also help reveal and dissolve her
own angular reaction to the male. Engaging this Wand may help women to awaken to the true nature of the female form, as Love itself. The quality of
this wand is the ‘essence’ of the feminine energy in its true form.