Iron Heart Collection Energies

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Iron Heart

Iron Heart moves to open the Heart as a ‘feeling centre’, inviting the remote arrogant head to fall into this heart-consciousness. When this feeling centre is open, it is felt to be a vulnerable position and we may quickly close it again to protect ourselves. What are we moving to protect?  Some image of self that doesn’t exist. There can be no protection where we have become love. It is a risk… We take the risk and dare to love and we are eternally wounded in that loving. The wound of love churns in the side forever. 



Primary Heart Energy - Arranging 354

“Love is the food of the Heart.” So much bombards the heart in this world, we need to nourish it with Primary Heart Energy so that we can always bring energy and love to nourish the Hearts around us. Real nourishment is this energy that we bring to one another.

A note on what this means to be responsible for energy and feeling :

Energy is an attribute of the Divine, which is love. The action of love. Feeling is being open-hearted, with no contraction in the heart or feeling dimension. The head must also become a bright feeling organ, allowing the heart to shine up through it, smithereening all solidity. The head should be slightly bowed to the heart, rather than arrogantly sailing above, disrespectful of the rest of the form. Being responsible for energy and feeling is, therefore, remaining open-hearted and allowing love as action. Love is enthusiastic, not inertial. Bringing energy and feeling to one another means we are participants as love, as energy and not withholding love with a contraction in the heart. We bring energy and feeling to one another through conductivity of the life–force and real enthusiasm, full of interest and love. We are always confessed as “I love you”.