Collection: Discs

The Discs are one of the key energy tools of Energy Alchymie Happiness. Each Disc holds an Intention to transform particular habitual ‘patterns’, desires or karma that keep us locked into negative ways of thinking and acting. Receiving these energies may help to dissolve aspects within us that are blocked, freeing up the flow of life-current within our being and allowing an awakening to greater and renewed responses to life and to each other.

The Discs can be used by placing a glass of water on them. This imbues the water with the Alchymeic Energy imbued in the Disc. As water holds memory, when you drink the water, you are able to receive the Alchymeic Energy of that particular Disc.

The Discs are used personally and able to be shared between family members or with a partner. The energies are designed to work regardless of how they may be felt or interpreted by the senses. Engaging the energies is a practice and it inspires a learning of how to ‘allow’, ‘let go’ and ‘receive’.

There are hundreds of Discs available. Here are a handful available in our online shop. For more Discs available, please contact us.