Ultra-Tech Collection Energies

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Dalek Invasion

The Dalek epitomises the individual totally possessed of the scientific model of existence and its offspring, scientific technology. The Dalek’s catch cry is “obliterate, exterminate and annihilate”, the song scientists sing in their showers in the morning. To illustrate this, a onetime panel of serious-minded scientists seen on television were heard suggesting that the earth should be scrubbed back to bare rock and we should all live in satellites and look down on it, because all that nature is too icky-sticky.

The scientific model informs the political puppets who come forth, therefore, with Dalek legislation. The scientific, political and economic have been seen to stand over and against spiritual development. Our true involvement with this world, beyond the persuasions of scientific ‘thinking’, is awakening to the confession of Only God. So long, Doctor Who.


Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic

In giving some comments as to the name of this Energy, we begin with the word Hardware, which is relating to our interaction with machinery and the products that have sprung out of the mind of man. The ecliptic is the plane of the orbit of the earth. Since it is in eclipse when looking at it below, this is the dross of unconsciousness, the machinery alien represents what is lurking below the plane of the ecliptic waiting to jump out and oppress.

This Energy is Alchymeically intended to address the angular, hard, mechanical, unfeeling world and its machinery that can affect an environment and the people who reside and interact with such equipment; reflecting in the inhabitants and degrading them into numb, dense, immune clones. The inspiration here is to restore the possibility for the human response and thus life-positive environments.



This is a spirit, usually mischievous and occasionally malevolent, which manifests its presence by making noises, moving objects, and assaulting people, animals or intervening with machinery. In some cases poltergeists may involve actual spirits. In other cases phenomena may be produced through undisciplined, unpurified psychophysical manifestations from individuals with little or no understanding of what they are doing; an unconscious reflex. Whatever the case, the Poltergeist must be dissolved.



‘Conventional’ life is but a mere ritual enactment, a mechanical process. In so living, either singular aspects of the being appear to take on a mechanical form or the entire being is ‘robotised’. The essence of such electronic transformation is the total absence of feeling across the entire being. We see across nation after nation, clockwork husband marries clockwork bride, presenting mechanical personae to one another until they rust. The Energy Replicant moves to dissolve these structures of the body-mind-self, restoring the possibility of real intimate association, transcending the programming of mechanical responses.


Shadow of the World Wide Web

The dark mind of scientific technology encases the world in a choking and tightening web of ignorance and arrogance, which also suffers from a vast alien intrusion and every kind of evil out of Pandora’s box. This especially refers to the world of computer technology and the cyber space world that arises out of this errant child of Man’s imagination. Obviously we need to be protected through our awakened consciousness from all manner of harm that we invite through our connections to cyberspace. This cyberspace also includes television, all written material - i.e. works of fiction and non-fiction - and every level of ordinary communication; and so it is when we ‘ordinarily’ speak to one another in ‘ordinary’ terms without the intimacy of divine inspiration; we only interact in a kind of cyberspace, where nothing has the substantiation of this ordinary earth realm. Living in this way, we drift away in the thought bubbles above our heads. The Shadow of the World Wide Web Energy is a big ‘pin’ that can awaken us beyond blithe journeys in mysterious places, locked in our dreamy space bubble.



Glasstron Adaptation

There is an actual product called ‘Glasstron’, which is a machine that can be strapped over our eyes and ears giving us an intense sensory experience while watching a DVD movie. It takes an evolutionary adaptation to not get ‘programmed’ or lost in the cyber world when engaging this machine. Inspired by this equipment, the Glasstron Wand is inviting an adaptation and capacity to be greater than machinery and other forms of virtual reality. In our use of computers and the like we need to be the conscious presence animating creative control.


Goodbye Electro-Magnetics

There is a background hum to our houses of 50 cycle electro-magnetics and the communications from the so-called user-friendly computer are worse than our toaster. We are subject to varying degrees of electromagnetic disturbance no matter where we go these days. May it be transformed into something like a picnic, with buttercups, by a stream, after a rainstorm.


Ultra-Tech Wizard

What is a Wizard Wand? The inspiration for the Wizard Wands is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or body of knowledge, of some particular discipline.The reference to a given tradition is in the choosing of the highest aspect of that tradition, even beyond anything demonstrated by that tradition. That is, there can be no negatives in any Wizard Wand. The Wands are a present living creation and because of this, the Wizard Wands are interactive, as are all of the Alchymeic Products.

There is a Divine technology that is all powerful and wonderfully exact as it removes the effects of the mad scientists and maybe even the boffins themselves through radical alteration of their stance. Technology is our grasp of the clever solutions to achieving some end. The Ultra-Tech is the most sophisticated way of achieving some end of classy means – no side effects and in perfect harmony with all that is. Utilising this know-how can aid us in our quest for some successful consequence to our activity that is the centre of our contemplation. Having difficulty with your DVD player, your coffee machine or your new remote control? Try holding your wand Ultra-Tech Wizard, have a drink and ...