The Mars Collection Energies

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Blue Mango
This disc Blue Mango is intended to help transform men’s angularity and aggression toward women. This is one half of the victim victimiser syndrome within a life or from life to life. Victims become victimisers and victimisers
become victims. It is also intended for the reverse - where men have been the victims to female aggression. At last may all of our relationships begin to reflect true intimacy and surrender beyond all of the degraded dead-ends within our relationships. So Be It!

Blue Beloved
Blue Beloved was designed to help men awaken to some feeling for what is ‘manly’ and what is not ‘manly’. At present there appears to be no real recognition
of what is required of men in order to serve the world as consciousness. The ‘usual’ man moves blindly in desire treating the world as an adventure playground and in this demeanor he has failed to serve the consciousness of the female and the world at large. Blue Beloved is alchymeically intended to help serve the
awakening of the male to consciousness and thus to surrender into the current of Unity.

High Kingdom
High Kingdom is designed with the intention to awaken the higher development of the male potential, and lift men beyond being a mere ‘plaything of the goddess’. This may be the ‘ultimate fantasy’ for some men, but higher levels of development await beyond these primitive levels of desiring. The development inspired through this Disc may ultimately enable men to serve this awakening to ‘higher mind’ or a
greater consciousness in others. At last men may be able to serve in life as the ‘whole body’. Goody!
If women use this energy they may begin to feel and understand the levels of poverty in their relationship to men, such as lack of receptivity and vulnerability.
Lion Mantra Roar
To speak the Heart’s truth freely with a mighty roar!
This energy is a source of strength and power for men, awakening the voice of consciousness in order to serve that which is unconscious. No longer can men just watch the planet degrade in front of their very eyes. Time to stand up and be counted among the living! May all men truly begin to stand and awaken to this capacity of being the voice of truth and take responsibility for a world where
the male presence has mostly created the breakdown that we now see before us.
Eiffel Tower
In considering the icons that have been built throughout the ages to symbolize male dominance over the world and each other, the Eiffel Tower could be seen to represent such a dominating structure that stands as a symbol of arrogance and impenetrability. Whilst this structure remains untransformed, the male is unavailable to Consciousness, and is therefore unable to fulfill his True function as a Loving, serving presence. The Alchymeic Intention of this energy is to reveal
these impenetrable aspects within each male form, and help to purify and transform such structures.
Batman In Paris
Batman In Paris is intended to address the impenetrability of the male form, to allow the vulnerability to be found beneath the costume. There is a splitting open the frontal-line personality to allow the Heart’s intuition to be set free.


The Mars wand was created as a specific tool to help men to understand the True male energy and their appropriate relationship to women and their own bodily life, beyond all confusion and angularity. The demonstration of true manliness is yet to be lived here, and so Mars may offer inspiration and balance to the bewildered male in these times. It is essentially all manner of energetic help for men. Simply hold it and ask for clarity and guidance in relation to any moment that may be arising. You might just be pleasantly surprised.