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Shadow Of The World Wide Web Disc

Shadow Of The World Wide Web Disc

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The dark mind of scientific technology encases the world in a choking and tightening web of ignorance and arrogance, which also suffers from a vast alien intrusion and every kind of evil out of Pandora’s box. This especially refers to the world of computer technology and the cyber space world that arises out of this errant child of Man’s imagination. Obviously we need to be protected through our awakened consciousness from all manner of harm that we invite through our connections to cyberspace. This cyberspace also includes television, all written material - i.e. works of fiction and non-fiction - and every level of ordinary communication; and so it is when we ‘ordinarily’ speak to one another in ‘ordinary’ terms without the intimacy of divine inspiration; we only interact in a kind of cyberspace, where nothing has the substantiation of this ordinary earth realm. Living in this way, we drift away in the thought bubbles above our heads. The Shadow of the World Wide Web Energy is a big ‘pin’ that can awaken us beyond blithe journeys in mysterious places, locked in our dreamy space bubble.

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