What Is Real Breath?

What Is Real Breath?

For those who are discovering the Esoteric Energy Work for the first time, there are a couple of simple practices that we recommend to support your sensitivity and feeling. A key practise, which helps people drop into a more relaxed and open state of receptivity, is the Breath. Any technique you might already practise for breath and feeling will certainly help you to connect to the Alchymie. Ultimately, it is as simple as ‘coming back to your heart’. Coming back into feeling means coming out of our heads, out of the business of our days and back into our bodies, connecting again to the earth, breath and heart-space.

The Breath

So what is real Breath?

Consider this… breath is an aspect of mind.

For example, if we suddenly become frightened, we tend to hold our breath, or it may also become fitful. Has anyone ever told you to stop and take a breath? Maybe you have had to remind yourself on an occasion when your mind was overactive and you were starting to feel stressed, to calm down and Breathe. What we are talking about here is real Breath that allows the being to ground, centre and come back to a state of equilibrium and tranquility. In a calm state we are receptive and open. Our connection to the Divine therefore is discovered by yielding the breath to and from infinity.

When we enter into the real process of transformation we begin to awaken to real breath - awakening to the fact that every breath is equivalent to real reception. When we breathe ‘In’ fully we are receiving life-force whole bodily and surrendering, allowing the current of life to enter through the entire being. As we breath ‘Out’, we are allowing that nourishing current to permeate and release through the entire form all the way to our toes.

Reception and release of the Infinite current toe to crown via the breath is the key to allowing the bodies to come alive and conduct the life force fully. Any limitation in the breath ultimately causes congestion or blockages within the energy systems of the body-mind. Energy blockages create disturbances and then all kinds of aberations can ensue, including overactivity of mind, anxiety, stress etc.

In breathing in the true form we are aligned to the Mystery, breathing to and from Infinity. We must fully participate in this process of reception and release via the breath. The breath ultimately reveals our dependent nature on that which is beyond and greater than us, the Infinite Divine.

The higher developmental levels of ‘spiritual life’ are dependent on being supplied with energy from the navel. Our whole life needs to be sacrificed via the breath in this way, until at last we are identified with the Divine as the absolute one.


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