How To 'Conduct' The Lifeforce

How To 'Conduct' The Lifeforce

These extraordinary Esoteric Artefacts can provide an energetic shift that ripples out across our entire body-mind and environment. Their presence is designed to be ‘felt’ and connected with. The Energies are available to EVERYONE with an open heart and willingness to grow and awaken. Their function is to support, nourish and provide a space in our lives for transformation and awakening.

If you are particularly sensitive to energy, you may have already ‘felt’ and enjoyed the Alchymie tools. For those who are newer to the Esoteric Energy Work, there are a couple of simple practices you can start to support a level of sensitivity to the energy work. These are along the lines of meditation and breath techniques – and in fact, any technique you might already know for breath and feeling will certainly allow you to connect with the Alchymie. Ultimately it is a simple as ‘coming back to your heart’. Coming into feeling means coming out of our heads, out of the business of our days and back into our bodies - connecting again to the earth, breath and heart-space.


The practice of ‘conductivity’ is one of receiving the life-force ‘whole bodily’. Learning to breathe whole bodily, to and from Infinity begins to allow us to see that Real life is the reception and release of the Infinite current. This is a growth and adaptation over time.

What we discover over time is that real nourishment is received by partaking in this ‘Divine Infinite Breath’. As we receive and allow the current to enter every cell of our beings we are filled with the nourishment of this Infinite blissful space. As we learn conductivity we hold that breath and allow it to circulate and stimulate every cell, toe to crown. Thus we are reinvigorated whole-bodily in the blissful communing with the prior disposition or the Mystery of existence. The Alchymeic Energies are designed to touch every level of the being, and our capacity to ‘conduct’ this current moment to moment is a fundamental conscious exercise.

When we truly begin to understand that we are alive as energy, we start to discover a whole new level of relationship to life. We begin to see things differently and understand that everything is alive! We being to feel a new impulse towards others, life and the planet at large. Our actions start to change.

How To Practice ‘Feeling’ & ‘Conductivity Of The Life-force’

To allow true receptivity of the Hermetic touch, the following practice of conductivity of the life-force should be engaged:
• Feel into the Mystery of existence, which is beyond all knowledge. In feeling into the Mystery knowledge is suspended allowing greater receptivity.
• Receptivity is enhanced by breathing to and from the ‘vital’ (or navel).
• Allow ‘attention’ to rest at a point in the head at the root of the nose. This point is the Seat of Consciousness relative to the body. At the Seat of Consciousness all ‘things’ high and low pass through. Thus, there is no need to ever allow attention to wander from this point.
The whole practice described above is to be at last an eternal practice,
of receptivity and release.


‘Whole-body’ Conductivity

The ‘life-force’ is another name given to the ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ that we conduct through the circuitry of the body and our auras. Therefore, when we are ‘conducting’ energy, we are receiving the ‘force’ of ‘life’ and subsequently allowing more flow into our entire lives.

We naturally conduct the life-force every moment of every day – we wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t! But our bodies and energy field are designed to be able to receive much more than what we currently allow. Therefore, allowing more ‘life-force’ into our circuits, allows much more flow in general. When we learn to do this consciously we may start to feel different, noticing more free energy is available to us throughout our daily life. We call this bodily awakening to the life-force ‘whole-body conductivity or awakening to whole-body Enlightenment.

There are many ways that we can awaken this process over time, such as yoga, exercise, breathing, diet. All of these can help remind you that there is a greater level of energy available to us in every moment. Practising this whole-body conductivity as a daily discipline created the fundamental ‘fire’ or resistance of the alchymeic process which ignites the beginnings of whole-body Enlightenment.



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