The Essene Passage Energies - Wands & Discs

The birthing of the Essenes is coincident with the evolutionary leap, that under this pressure and heat, has now been made available to those whose hearts are ready to enfold, and immerse in the power of this Alchymeic wave of current. Within these products, hold the activating flame to reawaken to the eternal gnosis of what lies deep within the very DNA itself. A re-remembering is now emerging, to understand our true prior condition of eternal condition. 

The following Alchymeic Energies are a part of the profound flooding over the last 2 years of the Essene currents. Their evocation and initiatory blessing has become available through the Alchymeic Process. It is seen literally as the gift of the reawakening to the ‘energy body’ of existence – out of the solidity of the age of darkness – a time where the mind overwhelmed the Heart. Now is the time for the Heart’s intelligence or intuition to be reawakened, nurtured and grown. It is a time of allowing the feeling dimension of existence to become the expression of Being. 


Voice Of Silence
Vortex Of Divine Cosmic Energy
Zodiac Of Dendera
The Prasad Mandala
The Neter Thoth
Materialising Fire
Mystery School Initiations
The Esoteric Science
Grail Codes Of Light
Choirs of Angels Sing Their Song
I Hold Up my Hands
I Bow Down
The Power of One
I am No Thing
I am One
I am



Akashic Records
Ascension Initiations
Esoteric School of Higher Learning 
Future Time Is Now
Gathering Of Light
Holy Grail
I AM Presence
Language of Light
Language Of The Essenes
Power Of Prayer
Rite of The Sepulchre
Sacred Portals
Sacred Triangles
Sound Current
Temples Of High Alchymie - Horus
Temples Of High Alchymie Isis - Feminine
Temple Of High Alchymie Osiris - Male
Theban Revelation
Triumph Of Light
Witness Consciousness
Mystery School Initiation