Functioning Truly in the Manifest World Collection Energies

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Hearts Aflame

This Energy holds the intention to allow the Divine Heart into the world to touch all beings in Light, and for it to spread like a ‘Wildfire’ across the earth plane. This Energy gives rise to the fire that is real passion. This passion is an inspiration of inexhaustible content...

Quantum Vacuum

This energy is to assist the bodily circuitry in awakening to becoming agency as a conduit for the Divine Light to ground. The essence of the word vacuum is the absence of air. The Quantum Vacuum as an energetic, creates a pathway from the subtle dimensions through to this gross dimension. Thus, to engage this Energy is to allow the actualisation, to make palpable what the spirit current conceives. This is the beginnings of gnosis of the Alchymie of manifestation.

The Manifesting Current

This realm that we coincide with is a realm of manifest desire. Being born here into mortal form is governed by manifest desire. In other words, we will be given exactly what it is we are meditating upon. This may not always be what we want in our cognizance, but it is where our fixation rests. The Manifesting Current is about Happiness. Happiness is the form of reality. Happiness is the freedom from the implication of all that is arising. Allowing our attention to rest at the seat of consciousness, or the root of the nose, living and breathing to Infinity from the Heart. Remain as Happiness in this world, until this world vanishes out of sight.



Financial Management Wizard

The Financial Management Wizard is about purifying all the paper behind an astronomical number of transactions, even on a daily basis. When we put The Financial Management Wizard to some paper involving transactions in our own case, we can purify that transaction and all the trails it leads to, which is essentially everywhere in our own case. The paper of course appears in the form of cheques, bills, actual currency and so on. Regular purification of this paper in our own case can open greater clarification, abundance and freedom from the complications of aspects that otherwise seem insurmountable and intractable. These insurmountables in our “lives” may be seen to suddenly dissolve rather than to submit to some linear thinking solution.

Real Estate Wizard

We notice that paper is two dimensional. The energy of the Real Estate Wizard turns this paper into three dimensions, hence bringing what has been purified by the Financial Management Wizard into living form, thus if a purchase of a property is in progress, first The Financial Management Wizard purifies the transaction, then the Real Estate Wizard brings it into three dimensional form or into earthly vision. Also note that Real Estate Wizard can be engaged for the creative intelligence around all matters of Real Estate.

Direct Marketing Wizard Wand

The essential aspect of The Direct Marketing Wizard is about abundance and thus gold coins are seen to rain from the sky as we align ourselves to the potentialities of what we offer and as we find more ways to deliver knowledge of our offering to the world at large. These revealed ways of communication are as homing pigeons that fly out, shine with their message and return home, allowing such a circuit to be full and to grant that this fullness rains a great abundance on us. These are the blessings of the goddess Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of fortune), for which we are eternally grateful.


* What is a Wizard Wand?

The inspiration for the Wizard Wands is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or the body of knowledge of some particular discipline. The reference to a given tradition is in the choosing of the highest aspect of that tradition, even beyond anything demonstrated by that tradition. That is, there can be no negatives in any Wizard Wand. The Wands are a present living creation and because of this, the Wizard Wands are interactive, as are all of the Alchymeic Products.