Fractal Earth Collection Energies

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Big Toe In The Water

The moments preceding incarnation into bodily life are for most of us an agony of helpless entrapment. The soul hovers above the earth seeing and feeling what is about to happen, as it drifts or speeds inexorably into the unique vortex of ‘opportunity’ we call life. At some point we begin to enter into the impact zone, the ‘beginning’ of our ‘life drama’. This is “shocking” to us as we are squeezed, howling, into our display bottle - the happening that is ‘us’. Big Toe In The Water energetically supports us through the endless array of “shocking” emergencies, knocks and spills, the “shock” of birth trauma and so on. With this Energy we may at last allow ourselves to be unravelled to the core, to where the last tiny impulse of fascination explodes into the blissful timelessness of perfect release: ‘shock proof’ at last. 


Fractal Earth - Arranging 362

Based on Fractal Geometry, Fractal Earth holds the Alchymeic Intention of ‘grounding’ the life-current right through to the “centre” of the Earth, inviting harmony & spaciousness to be restored. As such it may help to keep us grounded and not overwhelmed or bombarded by intrusive presences such as large buildings and cities. The blessing with this energy is that no matter where we find ourselves, if we allow perfect receptivity of this Energy, we feel that we can ‘breathe’ again. Fractal Earth can also be turned to transforming the quality of “objects” in your environment. Try it by tapping them with your wand.